omg i bought these new jeans at work for like 2 dollars LOOK AT MY BOOTY IT’S PERFECT
sea salt: ten tips off the top of my head about THRIFTING


  1. Have pictures in your head of what you’re looking for—have a lot of detail. Although you may not find that exact coat with a fur trim, you may find a great individual jacket or fur collar accessory.
  2. Expect to be surprised. Don’t have tunnel vision that crops out other good things in the store—…

I’m really excited because I got paid today and went shopping after work.
I got a faux fur collar from Goodwill (Glitter Sale HOLLAH!) for about 6 dollars, these wedge shoes that I’m dying about ($6), and new opaque tights ($2).  
I’m really happy about the collar because I’ve been looking for one online and they are a bit pricey; I’m also glad it’s not real fur… I’m not sure how I would feel about that.
Yay for working!
omfg i'm hilarious

new bell sleeve shirt i got from the fremont vintage mall :)

Black bejeweled leotard with black velvet skirt for 4 dollars omfg yay (Taken with Instagram)

i would consider doing this when i move out and have a stable job.

For all you white girls.
heart habitats
my name is melissa and i am seventeen years old. i feel that i take an interest in many different styles, especially 1940's-50's styles. i love thrifting and showing my treasures as well as doing tutorials. enjoy!
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